Who’s your Daddy Map for Minecraft Pocket Edition 2022

Minecraft is the world’s favorite 3d blocks game. People love to play this game due to its raster graphics and fantastic gameplay. Further, they can create their world. They can do what they want to do in the world of Minecraft.

Who’s your daddy is a beautiful addition to the Minecraft multiplayer game. Players can do lots of adventures on the map. Download the who’s your daddy map and save your child from committing suicide.

Who’s your daddy Map

who’s your daddy map is very different from other minigame maps. Like on another map, we have to fight with each other and play in the team. Likewise, this map is different from other maps. You will find two players: the father and the other is a child. Father has to save his child from every murder attempt. In this map, the father has to monitor his child until he uses any material to kill himself.

See what a fantastic game; the father has to hide every dangerous thing from his child. Like if in case the child is successful in killing himself. Then the father lost his game. That’s why the father has to save his child from death in any case.

This map has two floors first is the Ground floor, and another one is the second floor.

Players first enter the ground floor, and there are two things where the suicide attempt could be easy. The first thing is the kitchen and the other one in the bathroom. Besides, at the start of the game, the player has to play the father’s role, and the other has to play the son’s role.

Broker window:
In the kitchen, there is a broken window. The child can easily commit suicide from the broker’s window. That’s why the father has to save his child. Likewise, you find lots of traps and adventure in the Who’s your daddy map for Minecraft PE.

whos your daddy map-gomcraft

The pool is also a source of death like a child can drown in the pool. That’s why the father has to follow all the safety precautions until the child commits suicide and the father loses the game.

Secondly player enters the second floor, where you can find four rooms. The first room is a child’s room where he has toys and his bed.

In the second room, there is a sword. Besides, many things in this room could be harmful to the child.

There is a parent bed in the other rooms and some other things that could result in death. Therefore, the father has to save his child.


  • HD Graphics
  • Different Traps
  • Child Room
  • Adventure
  • Kitchen
  • Big rooms
  • Lots of space to play

 How to Download who’s your daddy Custom map

Click on the given download button

  • Wait until its downloads
  • Find downloaded addons on your file manager
  • Then add the given addon on your previous Minecraft pocket edition
  • Then enjoy the fantastic who’s daddy map on your iOS and Android devices

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Important Points:

  • This map is a combination of father and child
  • One player will be a father, and the other one will be a child
  • The child will try to make multiple suicide attempts. But father has to stop him.
  • In case a child is successful in killing himself. Then the father will lose the game.
  • You also get Who’s Your Daddy Map Fortnite Code

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As we know, Minecraft keeps updating with new features and excellent additions of Minecraft skins, maps, and mods. Likewise, in this game, players cannot feel bored while playing the same game repeatedly due to its upgrading; moreover, if you have any questions related to Minecraft mods, maps, and pocket edition. You can ask me in a comment or by the contact us option.

Best of luck!!


How to Download this Map?

MCPE is a prerequisite for downloading, installing, and playing this map on your devices.