Minecraft Tips and Tricks 2022 for better survival

Minecraft has been evolving since its launch; that’s why there are some handy tips and tricks that every Minecraft player should know about that for good survival in the Minecraft game.

minecraft tips and tricks

Welcome to Minecraft world. This article will explore some chunks of Minecraft tips and tricks that Minecraft lovers don’t have any idea about yet. As we know, Minecraft has been upgrading day by day. People love to play this game, and they also spend many hours on this game. Minecraft started as a project, but now it’s changed into the biggest game in the gaming industry. To some extent, Minecraft has 100s of tips and tricks, but we will discuss only some tricks that will make your game more interesting.

Mainly we found these tips for new players. They will find new strategies like building tiny homes into castles. Similarly, these tips will change your Minecraft gameplay easier than before.

We know we can’t cover everything in this article, that’s not possible as we know very well. But you will find those secrets, which will take you several days to find out. Ok, let’s discuss these secrets (Tips and Tricks).

Minecraft Tips and Tricks

 Dog team:

In Minecraft, you can make a dog team hunt with you. They can do you a favor, and they will help you with every difficulty. Besides, they also wear collars. For identification, you need to give a different name to every dog. You also need to change their colors by right click on the dog. In this way, you can easily differentiate your dog team.

Mooshroms Milking:

Mooshrooms are giant cows in Minecraft that you use for milking. You get milk from them, but you can get expected things from Mooshrooms

Rationally use of gold:

In Minecraft, making tools with gold is not a good idea. Because tools are good in wooden than gold. You can use gold rationally by crafting gold apples. These apples you can use for a healing time. Therefore, don’t waste gold material in Minecraft.

Automate Farm:

In Minecraft, as we know, if we start work earlier, that will be finished earlier. But why not we automate our farm? That would be better and make our Minecraft survival easier.

Cave Survival

Cave survival is also not safe for you. It might be you face an attack from someone, and you lost your resources. in this way, always use a torch and keep a weapon with you. Most importantly, use safety shied for more safety.

Coordination feature:

At Minecraft play, turn on the coordinate and sit with a notebook to note everything that will help you in Minecraft’s future survival. Take screenshots of important places such as villages and the main base for good survival in the future.


As we discussed above, here are some essential tips and tricks of the Minecraft world that make your life easier. Lack of knowledge in Minecraft makes the game more complex. That’s why better knowledge of Minecraft makes your gameplay more memorable.MCPE has changed people’s life due to its multiple modifications and maps. That’s why children, parents and old everyone love to play this game. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding recipes, you can ask me in the given comment box.

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