Download Minecraft Space Mod Pe 2022 [Updated Features]

Minecraft space mod pe is one of the most trending mods in the world of 3d blocks. Are you looking for something new to explore in the Minecraft game? Are you tired while playing Minecraft games with the same features and maps? Now the time is over. Minecraft space mod is one of the amazing mods. You can explore space, visit the moon, and do lots of adventures.

Minecraft space mod

Minecraft Space Mod pe

In Minecraft space mod, you can explore many colorful blocks, entities, crafting blocks, and decoration blocks. The main purpose of this mod is to introduce players to space and the things we need to make a rocket to reach space. For instance, we need steel, blocks, and many materials to build a rocket. But in this mod, you don’t need to create anything, you can get each and everything readymade. So, in this way, what you need to do, you need to explore space and entertain yourself.

Features of Minecraft Space Mod Pe

 Minecraft space mod has fantastic features; let’s discuss the features.

  • Space jacket is one of the amazing features of the Minecraft free space mod. space jacket will help you to fight monsters 
  • One oxygen cylinder will give you eight heart points as you can use at the water. Like you can fight with monsters in the water as well.
  • Space shoes are one of the fantastic items in the space mod. Space shoes help you to increase your speed once you face any attack in space.

Minecraft space mod


Flying Rocket

Minecraft space mod, also called spaceship mod, in which you get a rocket. Like with the help of a rocket, you can fly everywhere. You can visit different places, explore the world and find decoration blocks. The amazing thing about the given mod is you don’t need to create your rocket as you can get a readymade rocket from here.

Endless Space

In the Minecraft apk, we have very limited space. But amazingly, in this space mod, we will get unlimited space. The important thing about this mod like we find new items, mobs, and entities. More space helps the user explore more space and get more entertained. As we know, the developer of Mojang has already informed us like space-related content would not be part of Minecraft. But the given space mod, which is an add ons, you can enjoy the mod of space on your installed Minecraft version.

Important chunks

You should have already installed Minecraft pe (pocket edition) on your mobile phone to play this mod. Given download files are the add-ons that will change your pocket edition into Minecraft space mod. Besides, if you want to download Minecraft pocket edition 1.19 you can check out the menu and download the pocket edition. To some extent, if you need premium maps free of cost you can also download them from the menu.

Minecraft Space Requirements 


Operating System Window 7
Cpu Intel core i3 and above


Minecraft space mod download for android

For download, you have to follow some steps:

  • Firstly, click the download button and wait until it’s complete
  • After that, search download file in your file manager
  • After that, once you find your file
  • Click on the file and go into the addons 
  • Installed downloaded files into your addons 
  • And enjoy the Minecraft in your Minecraft pe

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Minecraft space modification is also an amazing addition by the Minecraft developers. As people enjoy modification of games and other things in Minecraft.Same as they can enjoy space in this mod. For more updates check out Youtube, Instagram, and Netflix to entertain yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we get into the space?

Ans: You need a rocket that you easily get into this mod to get into space.

Q: Do we get a spacesuit in this mod?

Ans: Yes, you will get a spacesuit in this mod.