Download Minecraft Hide and Seek Map Latest Version 2022

The Minecraft hide and seek map is one of the most popular maps in the world of 3d blocks. Players do lots of fun on this map, such as crafting new items, decorations blocks, and adventures. Besides, in this map, one person would be a seeker, while the rest of the team would be hiders. They must hide from the seeker in various locations on the map. If you’re familiar with the Roblox hide-and-seek game, this map will strengthen your Minecraft addiction. Moreover, To play this game, you don’t need a lot of expertise. Just a little bit focused enough to play this game

Minecraft hide and seek map

Hide and seek is a unique modification in Minecraft maps. Like before the start of the game, the map (modification) automatically chooses who will be the hiders and who will be the seeker. Once the seeker has chosen, he must wait in the lobby for 40 seconds to hide other players (hiders) in different spaces. Once 40 seconds pass, the seeker has to find the people who hide in different places. The game only allows 4 and half minutes for the seeker to find out hidden players. If the seeker has found all the hiders, he will be the winner. Further, if any hider has left to find and time is over, then the last hider would be the winner.

The best thing about the hide and seek map; hider can buy the taunt from the store given in Minecraft. With this, the hider can taunt the seeker in different voices. Moreover, this fantastic map will add some important value to your Minecraft world. Likewise, Hide and Seek is a Minecraft Education edition where you learn many things.  Have fun.

Minecraft Hide and seek map

 Features of Minecraft Hide and Seek Map.

 Minecraft hide and seek game has lots of features:

  • Beautiful 3d colorful blocks
  • Beautiful spots to hide
  • Beautiful skins
  • Store available to purchase coin (Free)
  • 3d Raster Graphics
  • Fun Like you are playing hide and seek game in real life

Download Minecraft hide and seek Map.

For download, you have to follow straightforward steps:

  • Click on the download button
  • Firstly, wait until its finish
  • After that, find the downloaded file in your file manager
  • Once you find your file, open it on your mobile phone
  • Click the install button and wait
  • After installation, allow your mobile to run the application
  • Once you allow it, now enjoy the amazing hide and seek Map on your Mobile
Name Minecraft hide and seek Map
Developer Kaple Wable
Size 18 MB
Addons Minecraft Pocket Edition
Total Downloads 100000
Safety 100% Secure
Device Capability Android 4.1 and Up Version

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Minecraft hides and seeks Map is an amazing modification by the developer. Like you can enjoy the benefit of Minecraft and the benefit of The Hide & Seek Addon by Traizel, which is the most famous game/addon in the world of Roblox. If you want to enjoy the hide and seek, you don’t need to install Roblox. You can play this game on your same Minecraft pocket edition besides if you people don’t have knowledge regarding Roblox free game which is available on play store as well as windows store.


Q: Is Minecraft Pocket Edition essential to run this Map?

Ans: Yes definitely, you can not run this map without MCPE.

 Q: How can we get help while playing Minecraft on our devices?

Ans: You can take help from the Minecraft assistant which is already available in every version of Minecraft.

Q: Are Roblox and Minecraft Hide and Seek Maps both are same?

Ans: No, Both are not the same. Both are different according to places and graphics perspectives.

Q: Can we play this game with our family and friends?

Ans: Yes, Definitely you can play games with your family and friends.