Minecraft Crafting Recipes 2022

Minecraft is the world’s most famous game in the 21st century. This game has changed people’s life. People play the game, but they also learn fundamentals, teamwork, and lots of creativity. They love to explore the world, create their world, and develop games according to their wish. As we know, for survival in this game, we need to craft items. Minecraft users know very well that for craft items, we need material. But if we have material, we should know how to put that material in the crafting grid to ready an item for survival. Therefore, Minecraft crafting recipes will help you put material in the grid to ready an item. Ok, let’s discuss the recipes.

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Minecraft Crafting Recipes

Minecraft crafting recipes as follow:

1-Book Rack
On the Bookrack, you can keep your books in order. For the crafting book rack, you need three wooden blocks in the upper and lower parts of the crafting grids and three books in the middle. In this way, you can create a book rack.

book shelf minecart

2-Fence for animals
For herding animals in Minecraft, you need a fence. For crafting a fence, you need 6 wooden blocks 3. It would be in the middle, and 3 would be lower in the crafting grid.

Minecraft Fence

For creating a plank, you need only one wooden block in the crafting grid. Similarly, the block should be in the lower part of the gird. In this way, you can create a wooden plank.

Minecraft plank

The smoker is the best source of cooking food immediately. This is the best source to make your survival easier than before. For making smokers, we need several things.We need one furnace and four woodblocks. The furnace should be in the middle of the crafting grid, and the rest of the 4 blocks should be in their left, right, upper and lower directions.

Minecraft Smoker

If you want to survive in the world of Minecraft, you need a map for better survival. But if you want a map, you need to craft that. For crafting, you need 1 compass in the middle of the grid and 8 papers around the compass in the crafting grid to create a map.

Minecraft survival map


As we discussed, Minecraft recipes are in the above article. Likewise, Players of Minecraft can benefit from these recipes and enjoy the game of 3d blocks. And Minecraft is the only game on the earth that has amazing mods, textures, and skins which make gamer life more memorable. Minecraft has some important features that will change your life. Moreover, if you have any questions you can ask me in the given comment box.