Bedwars Map for Minecraft APK and IOS Download 2022

Are you tired while playing the same map again and again in Minecraft? Are you looking for some cool map to make your game more memorable? Now the time is over. Let’s discuss the Minecraft Bedwars map, making your game more memorable. You can play Bedwars map with your friends and enhance your fun and entertainment. Bedwars map is very simple, like if you are a newbie and you want to enjoy this map. You can play this game and feel like you are a pro.

For Minecraft Bedwars, you should have at least five teams, and each team has its four members to play this Bedwars minigame.

Minecraft bedwars feature

Minecraft Bedwars Map

Minecraft Bedwars map is a mode where players have to fight for their beds and save their beds from the enemies’ attack. Like before, fight team creation is very important. Enemies could be your friends or anonymously. Besides, your main aim should be to destroy the enemy’s beds and save your mattress. Moreover, let’s discuss the features of the map.                                                                   

Minecraft Bedwars Features

Bedwars has remarkable features such as, and it has several islands and a big central one. The most amazing thing about this map is that you can find different 3d blocks generating bricks and gold bars. These bricks can help you at the time of fighting. You can easily defeat with these blocks.

Amazingly you can play this game with your friends. You can enjoy this map while using Minecraft pocket edition on your android devices. The best thing is that villagers and traders have the opportunity to sell their things.

Further, Minecraft Bedwars has approximately 20 maps in squad and 19 maps in doubles, and every map is different from the others with has some unique quality.


Important Servers To play Bedwars

Players can play hypixel Bedwars on many servers to increase the fun and make their game more memorable. For Instance, a block drop network is the best server with modifications for survival and creative modes.
Likewise, it has tewrion.netmainland, and many more servers to make your game memorable.

Minecraft Bedwars map download

For download, just follow the simple steps.

  • Click on the download button
  • Wait until its download and then after that install it
  • After the completion of installation, find the file in your file manager or your recent downloads
  • Once you find your file, click the app and unzip the file
  • Once it unzips then install the app on your mobile phone
  • After installation, allow your mobile to run the app
  • Once you allow then you will see the Bedwars map on your mobile screen
  • Enjoy the game and keep updating

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Additional Information

If you need more information regarding the Minecraft Bedwars map, you can check it out from the play store to make yourself more updated.

Important Chunks

  • In Bedwars, you have to set your goal
  • You have to protect your bed from the opponent
  • You have to destroy the opponent’s bed
  • Planning is just before the start
  • The team should be at the same level of experience
  • Please don’t make a team of newbies
  • Competition is very Tuff


Minecraft is worlds famous game. People love to play this game due to its uniqueness. Likewise, in other games, players of Minecraft do not feel getting bored. They enjoy this game and also play with their family and friends. Moreover, if you have any questions, you can ask them in the given comment box.


Q: How many people can play this game at one time?

Ans: In one server, a maximum of 16 people can play this game at one time.

Q: Are Bedwars all maps are same?

Ans: No, every map of Bedwars is different from each other. For instance, the rotation of a squad is different from the rotation of a double.