Download Minecraft Bedrock Apk For Android version 1.18

Minecraft Bedrock Apk has been trending day by day due to new features, mods, skins, and textures. Addiction to this game is equal between every age group. People love to play this game because they do something creative in the creative mode and think out of the box. World of 3D blocks also increases their attachment with Minecraft. They create their structure with 3d blocks, which look like the original. The wondrous thing about Minecraft mod Apk in different countries is that schools have been using Minecraft mod Apk for children as an educational point of view. Children learn teamwork fundamentals and also learn python with this game. Children also learn how to do something creative using their minds.

Further, you find creative mods and survival mods in this game. People who love complexity choose the creative mode, and randomly people love to play survival mode. At last, welcome to the world of 3D blocks where you can create anything as per your wish.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Apk

With the bedrock edition, you have the opportunity to explore the world and convert homes into giant castles. Similarly, you are the king of your world. In the bedrock edition Apk, Mojang developer of Minecraft has updated new features such as a different range of flowers, colorful signboards, different tiles, and stairs. New features will increase your entertainment while playing the Minecraft pocket edition.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock Apk:

Minecraft bedrock edition for android has multiple features discussed in the above steps.
A new feature in Minecraft bedrock free edition, if you want to survive underground. You can survive with the help of caves to fulfill your survival mission.
Suppose you have chosen a cave for your survival. Then You will find axolotl (mobs) in the lakes. You have to catch them and release them in the ocean. Besides, the axolotls are very friendly. They will help you in the whole survival mission and also help you while you are fighting with guards.
It also improved its graphics and fixed bugs to make the game more productive and attractive.
User interface:
Minecraft’s old version is often stuck when players go outside the button area; that is also fixed in this version.
Damage calculation:
In the updated edition of Minecraft, damage calculation is also improved. Like with accurate calculation, we can easily find how much damage has occurred to save partial damage.
IOS and Android users:
With the help of this version, players from ios and android devices can join each other. They can defeat, fight, and kill each other.

Download minecraft


Download Minecraft bedrock Apk Free

  • For download, click on the download button and wait until it’s complete.
  • After download find the downloaded file in the file manager
  • Once you find your file, click on the file and press the install button
  • After installation, you have to allow your mobile to run the downloaded file
  • Then you will find Minecraft on your mobile screen
  • Click the icon and enjoy the gameplay.

Download minecraft

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 What’s New:

  • Bugs fixed
  • Speed Boosted
  • Version Updated
  • Features New


Q: Is this bedrock edition is paid?
Ans: No, it is free of cost. You don’t need to pay any fee or cost.
Q: Is this version secure and legal?
Ans: Yes, it’s 100% secure from every perspective.
Q: Is java edition and bedrock edition both are same?
Ans: No, java edition is specifically for computer and java supported devices. But the bedrock edition is for android, ios and Linux devices.