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Download Minecraft Airport Map for Android / IOS 2022

Minecraft is a world-renowned game with an extreme level of features and extraordinary gameplay. Players love to play this game due to its continuous updates. For instance, if we play a game repeatedly with the same features and maps, we are quite bored due to the same things. Therefore, the question is how to get rid of these problems. To solve the above problems, Go Mcraft keeps updating and providing you with some amazing mods, maps, and new editions of Minecraft. Likewise, In This article, we will provide you Minecraft airport map pe with amazing features and lots of new updates.

Minecraft Airport Map  

In the Minecraft airport map, you can travel in the Minecraft world with the help of an airplane. You can enjoy lots of benefits. But before the fly flying airplane, you need to complete some stages to reach the airport. And reaching the airport is quite tricky. Important features of this map, like every facility of the airport such as check posts, airport, waiting rooms, terminals, and verification you will enjoy and face.

Minecraft airport map

Features of Minecraft Airport Map:

Minecraft airport Terminal has remarkable features which you are going to enjoy, such as:

  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Big Planes
  • Raster graphics
  • Texture packs
  • Unexplored Locations
  • Unexplored Adventures
  • Eye-catching Shopping malls
  • Big Showrooms
  • Beautiful Runway and lots of greenery


TN City 

Tn city is also a part of the Minecraft airport map pe. In the TN city, you will find some cities, plantations, and many more new things. You will also find some old aircraft, which you can fly. The amazing thing about this, you can play this on your old version of Minecraft pocket edition (Pe).

Like you don’t need to install new pocket editions and other mods. You will also see some flying airplanes on the city map.


Suppose you don’t have the Minecraft pocket edition on your devices. Check out the link for download.

TN City Gomcraft

Queen International Airport

This airport is the same as Minecraft TN City airport. In this airport, you also find big airplanes and lots of vehicles. Besides, the fantastic thing about this map is that you can modify the airport and do what you want to do on the map.

You will see lots of food points, shopping malls, and hotels on this map. Moreover, you can run this map on your existing Minecraft pe edition.

Minecraft Airport

How to download the Minecraft Airport map

To download Minecraft pe airport map, you need to follow some given steps:

1-Download TN City Map

  • Click on the given Minecraft airport map downloads
  • Wait until its downloads
  • Find downloaded addons on your file manager
  • Then add the given addon on your previous Minecraft pocket edition
  • Then enjoy the amazing TN City map on your iOS and Android devices

2-Download Queen International Airport Map

  • Click on the given download button
  • Wait until its downloads
  • Find downloaded addons on your file manager
  • Then add the given addon on your previous Minecraft pocket edition
  • Then enjoy the amazing Queen international map on your iOS and Android devices

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Important Note
You cannot play this Map without Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). If you need MCPE, you can download it on this website.


We can easily see why Minecraft is so popular all world because it’s continuously updating its features, add-ons, and many new things. That’s players don’t get bored, and they love to play this game repeatedly. To some extent, the Minecraft airfield map runway has an extreme level of beauty. Moreover, For any query, comment to us in the given comment box. We provide you with new maps, modes, and features without any cost. Minecraft Military airport map is also an amazing modification by the developer.Also checkout that.

Best of Luck!!

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