Jobs in Canada For Indian Freshers :

India has a sizable population in Canada, particularly in the Sikh community. Sikhism and Hinduism are practised by around a million immigrants in the country, the majority of them are from India. Additionally, a 2016 research study found that there were more than 670,000 Indians who were now residing permanently in Canada. The topic of this post is Jobs in Canada for Fresh Indian Graduates.

The number increased to one million by 2020, representing all major religions, including Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Therefore, it is pretty accurate to state that Canada acts as a good absorber for all cultures and religions that emerge from India and settle there.

As a result, the Indians will have enough to do in 2022 to establish themselves in the vast, multicultural nation of Canada. But because there are few resources or online mentors available, Freshers are always frustrated.

It is advisable to confirm an appointment or business settlement in Canada before one lands there because the Indian Freshers do have similar problems. We’ll walk you through the jobs available to Indian newcomers in this article in two easy steps.

Read over each profession to see which one best fits your personality and level of comfort.

Additionally, the most recent Salary updates and easily accessible links are provided to make it simple for you to look for a job as an Indian Fresher.

1: Administrative officer :

Indian cuisine at Presqu’ile Cafe

Hourly pay ranges from $26.50 to $29.00

32 hours a week are spent working.

01 positions are open.

Qualification: A diploma

Experience: 7 to 12 Months

Job Description: to oversee and establish the cuisine with all administrative abilities, to make the best recommendations for controlling spending and keeping it within reasonable bounds, and to compile daily, monthly, and weekly reports for the best previews.

Apply on:

2:HouseKeeper :


Osoyoos, British Columbia

Employer: Full-time


No special degree is required, but you must have a great sense of hospitality, maintain a polite demeanor toward all guests, and be very organized.

Job Description :

Dust off every balcony and room, provide excellent guest service and start diligently cleaning every hotel room.


3:Cleaning Supervisor :

Position: Full-time

Brighton, Ontario’s Presqu’île Cafe Indian Cuisine

Pay: $27-$29 per hour

Qualification: A degree or an equivalent qualification

Weather at work: hot

Job Description: inspect and oversee the entire restaurant cleaning staff in order to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. In addition to inspecting and enhancing security measures.


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4:Human Resources Management :

Position Type: Full-Time

Johnson Controls Edmonton, Alberta

Salary: Unknown prior to the interview

Education: A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

Job Description: Fill out a volunteer self-identification questionnaire and submit your answers.

5:Restaurant Manager:

Position Type: Full-Time


Pay: $26.10 per hour

Qualification: A diploma

2 to 3 years of experience

Job Description:

Organize the daily operations taking place in the restaurant, pay close attention to the balance sheets, expenses, and payments, and develop a relationship between the patron and manager in the event of a complaint. To participate in all meetings set up for the restaurant’s discussion.

Apply at:


6: House Person :

Position Type: Full-Time

Spirit Ridge, Osoyoos, British Columbia

Graduate with a degree in management required

Job Description:   

To take good care of all catalogues, pay close attention to room services, and maintain the resort rooms so that they are spotless, organised, and welcoming for guests. This position comes with a long list of perks, including free breakfasts, free golf memberships, free wine, and parking spaces. free breakfasts, free golf memberships, free wines, and parking spaces are all available.



7:Kitchen Supervisor :

Position Type: Full-Time

Grimsby, Ontario’s Cosmopolitan Restaurant

Pay range: $17–$20 per hour

Requirement: Only a graduation

Climate: hot, muggy, and rainy

Job Description: Train the employees to portion the meals they serve, analyse the goods produced and the components used, estimate other supplies in advance, and pay close attention to client concerns.

8: Post Office Assistant :

Position Is Temporary

Location: Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Postes Canada

wage of $18.08 per hour

Qualification: A diploma

the 16th of September 2022

Job Description: to ensure enough mail and post supplies, to assist clients with any information they require, and to function effectively as a team member.

Apply on:

9:Security Officer:

Employment Type: Part-Time

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is home to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.

Wage range: $19.31 to $24.13 per hour

Graduation is a must.

Job Description: To complete all responsibilities pertaining to the physical security of people, casinos, or the area, to address issues, and to give everyone who visits the location the finest inspection services. And in the event of a risk element, contact higher authorities.

Apply here:

10:Indian Food and Tandoor Chefs :

Employment Type: Full-Time

Location: 39 Clarence Street, India, Ottawa, Ontario House of Curry and Kababs

Pay: $18 per hour

Graduation with strong culinary abilities and kitchen management

Job Description: 

To attract customers, handle single and buffet services at your restaurants, train the personnel, estimate portion sizes based on the cost and nutritional worth of each dish, and introduce new flavours to the public.

Apply: at send a CV or resume on this account and wait for the call.

To sum up:

Therefore, all of the required potential jobs’ brief descriptions and application URLs are listed above. Go online and search for the relevant jobs by their names for greater authenticity. And since nothing is beneficial without a valid work visa in Canada, you must confirm it before applying for any employment.


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