Harry Potter Map for Minecraft PE 2022

Harry Potter movie is one of the famous movies which every child loves to watch. Besides, every child loves to play Minecraft pocket edition games as well. But, now, at that time, the Harry Potter map developer had developed a Minecraft map in which everyone could enjoy the Hogwarts school, magic, and lots of fun in the Minecraft pocket edition.

Harry Potter Map

Lots of people have a question like what Harry Potter is. I don’t want to explain here and get you bored. Just search on google, and you will find lots of results there. It has many seasons, and this movie is all about magic and a mysterious atmosphere. You can also watch on Netflix to entertain yourself.

Ok, let’s talk about the harry potter map, which you can play on your Minecraft pocket edition. You find corridors, rooms, and lots of adventure on this map. You have to follow and fulfill some tasks over there. Similarly, you face lots of confusion while performing your tasks.

harry potter map gomcraft.com


On this map, you find the same rooms as you have seen in the harry potter. Likewise, if you have Minecraft pocket edition in creative mode, now you will see a lot of castles around you. Now play and enjoy the game.

Important Information

  • Before start must check out whether you have survival mode
  • 3 players can play this map
  • One player cannot beat the other
  • Players also can play this game solely

Download the Harry Potter Map

  • For download, you have to follow some steps:
  • Click on the download button
  • Please wait until it’s finished
  • After that, find the downloaded file in your file manager
  • Once you find your file, open it on your mobile phone
  • Click the install button and wait
  • After installation, allow your mobile to run the application
  • Once you allow it, now enjoy the harry potter map for Minecraft PE on your Devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to install the harry potter map in the  Minecraft pocket edition?

Ans: To install this map, you need to move it to the address games/com.Mojang/minecraftworlds

 Q: Can we run this map without MCPE?

Ans: No, you cannot run this map without the Minecraft pocket edition.