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Occupations Description; Dialects Google Career Canada

English: Google Career Canada


Discretionary (optional) school graduation underwriting


2 years to under 3 years

Specific Skills:

Address disputes or issues with clients;

Recruit, train, and manage workers; Ensure norms for prosperity and security are followed; assist clients;


oversee and evaluate routine errands

Physical requirements and working conditions

Google Canada Careers

Quick surroundings; careful attention

Personal Suitability:

Flexibility, Accuracy, Customer Focus, Reliability; Organized:

Employment groups ;

This company promotes similar work and opens

entryways for all vocation candidates, including those who identify as a person from various social gatherings, according to Google Career Canada: Indigenous people, immigrants, and young people

Location :

Teredo Street, 5070

BC’s Sechelt

V0N 3A0

Opportunities for careers; 1

Earnings: $276 per hour

Experience: 1 Year

Job Type: Full-Time
Sexual Orientation: Job hunters, pay attention!

Try to refrain from giving chiefs or spotters money.

The employer must provide all of the paperwork, including the visa and report dealing, without good cause.

The company pays legitimate recruiting offices; they shouldn’t even think for a second about playing with your money.

About this Professional Certificate:

Prepare for a new career in the highly advanced field of undertaking the board; no prior experience or educational background is necessary. Get prepared with the help of Google and move up the ladder to well-paying employment. With a $73,000 center segment level compensation, there are valuable open doors for 479,000 U.S. workers in the project. ¹

Problem-solvers in general are project managers. They establish the strategy, mentor the team, and keep an eye on deviations, threats, and collaborators.

Acquire desirable skills that will position you for entry-level employment. Get representatives from Google whose pillars in the project the leaders filled in as platforms for their personal callings.

Upon completion, you may obviously apply for jobs with Google and more than 150 U.S. employers, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.

Your participation in this program qualifies you for more than 100 hours of undertaking leader training, which will enable you to become a Certified Associate in Project Management from the Project Management Institute across the globe (CAPM).

Within a half year of support completion, 75% of Google Career Certificate graduates in the United States report an improvement in their calling bearing (such as a new position or calling, advancement, or raise).

Look at all Google Career Certificates here:

1Remuneration data (center with 0–5 years of experience) and employment opportunity data from the US Burning Glass Labor Insight Report. Information needed to maintain the funding sources for featured programs (4/1/2021–3/31/2022).

2According to program graduate study outcomes, USA 2022:

Applied Learning Project:

This curriculum combines more than 140 hours of instruction and numerous practice-based examinations that will assist you in simulating real-world scenarios that are essential for advancement in the workplace.

The material is made entirely by Google employees who have worked on the program and board projects for a long time. It is quite natural.

You’ll develop skills in managing speed increases, group components, and partners, understanding association improvement strategies, and creating risk in the chiefs’ arrangements. planning expenditures and researching security; utilizing mechanical assemblies, formats, and project the board programming; board-wide assignment to practice Agile, with a focus on Scrum.

You will gain knowledge of the initiation, planning, and operation of both conventional and Agile undertakings through a combination of accounts, assessments, and involved labor.

You’ll develop a toolbox to demonstrate your ability to comprehend important tasks of the load-up parts, such as managing a schedule, budget, and gathering.


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Build the Skills to Get Job Ready:

Professional Certificates on Coursera will help you get job-ready whether you plan to start a new career or switch from your current one. Learn at your own pace, whenever, and wherever it is generally convenient for you.

Choose now and use a multi-day free primer to investigate one more calling method. You are free to pause your education or your involvement whenever you like.

Hands-On Projects:

Apply your skills to involved tasks and create a portfolio that highlights your professional position to prospective supervisors. You must really complete the project(s) in order to receive your certificate.

Earn a Career Credential:

When you have successfully completed all of the program’s courses, you will receive a Certificate that you may present to your professional association as well as open access to professional aid resources to help you launch your new career.

In order to set you up for an affirmation test, various Professional Certificates have employed assistants who are aware of the Professional Certificate capacity. Where applicable, specific professional certificate pages will provide extra information.


Work with the group to identify and evaluate business openings, address important client-specific conflicts, and develop the process to identify unique roadblocks.

Share your expertise in sorting things out to help the specific relationship with clients, including thing and game plan briefings, proof of thought work, and collaborating directly with the thing the board to focus on actions influencing Google Cloud client collection.

Work closely with clients to demonstrate and demonstrate Google Cloud thing integrations in client/assistant scenarios

Describe the coordination process, project designs, phases, and application architecture required to successfully complete a comprehensive game plan utilizing Google Cloud best practices.

Visit client neighborhoods, get-togethers, and other relevant events.


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